Vatika Business Park Resale

Vatika Business Park ResaleBrief Overview Of Vatika Business Park Resale:

Location: Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon
Unit type: Office/Retail
Sizes: 2000 – 3000 Sq. Ft.
Status: Ready To Move


Price List:

S. No Size Accommodation Floor Price List
1 Tower A: 2000-3000 Retail Ground Floor Market Price
2 Tower A : 2000-3000 Office 1st To 2nd Floor Market Price
3 Tower B : 2000-3000 Retail Ground Floor Market Price
4 Tower B : 2000-3000 Office 1st To2nd Floor Market Price
5 Tower C : 2000-3000 Retail Ground Floor Market Price
6 Tower C : 2000-3000 Office 1st To 3rd Floor Market Price

Call for Inquiry: +918470930121

About Vatika Business Park Resale:

Vatika Business Park Resale consists of over 8,70,000 sq. ft. of office space. The complex boasts of a one-acre central landscaped courtyard/piazza – its three building blocks are configured around this. In addition to this, a specially designed “Bean Garden” provides welcome aesthetic relief.

Corporate retail, restaurants, food-courts, ATMs, a cafeteria, training rooms, and a health club will comprise a 360-degree experience to the approximately 11,000 professionals working at Vatika Business Park.


Closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) located in the main entrance, main lift lobby, the service entrance and the first basement lift lobby ensure that your security needs are more than well cared for. The CCTVs are monitored from a multiplex central station, and facilities include pan, tilt, zoom and recording. This is supplemented by strategically positioned manned round-the-clock security and access control through control barriers with electronic proximity cards at ramp entrances.

Power supply with 100% Backup:

Power supply shall be made available from DHBVNL at 11KV supply system. The complex will also have its own 11KV outdoor-type sub-station isolated from main building complex with two 2000 KVA transformers and HT control through 11KV HT vacuum circuit breaker. In addition to the maximum demand load on each floor, adequate arrangements have been made for critical needs like Server Room load as well as its air-conditioning required for night hours.

Climate Control:

Central Chilled Water air-conditioning with a combination of Screw Chiller and Centrifugal chiller with two Air Handling Units on each office floor. Thermal storage to meet peak load. Extra cooling towers to run devices such as servers, UPS etc will also be provided.


Along with necessary P & T lines for each user, infrastructure facilities have been provided to receive various communication links as well as broad band fiber optic cables etc. Structural provision has also been made on the roof top to enable each user to install V-SAT antennas as well as satellite dishes for their communication requirements.


The buildings have one main and one fire staircase for safe egress in case of fire. Hose reels are adjacent to each staircase with sprinkler systems fitted in all common areas and basements.


Note: Please be aware all pricing and availability of Vatika Business Park Resale are subject to change at any time without notice.



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