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Brief overview of M3M Urbana Business Park Resale:

Location: Sector 67, Golf Course Extn. Road, Gurgaon
Unit type: Retail / Office
Sizes: 500 – 1000 Sq. Ft.
Status: Upcoming


Price List:

Sr. No Area Accommodation Floor Resale Price List
1 450 – 1000 Retail Ground Floor Market Price
2 450 – 1000 office 1st Floor Market Price
3 450 – 1000 Office 2nd Floor Market Price
4 450 – 1000 Office 3rd Floor Market Price
5 450 – 1000 Office 4th Floor Market Price
6 450 – 1000 Office 5th Floor Market Price
7 450 – 1000 Office 6th Floor Market Price
8 450 – 1000 Office 7th Floor Market Price
9 450 – 1000 Office 8th Floor Market Price
10 450 – 1000 Office 9th Floor Market Price
11 450 – 1000 Office 10th Floor Market Price
12 450 – 1000 Office 11th Floor Market Price
13 450 – 1000 Office 12th Floor Market Price
14 450 – 1000 Office 14th Floor Market Price
15 450 – 1000 Office 15th Floor Market Price
16 450 – 1000 Office 16th Floor Market Price
17 450 – 1000 Office 17th Floor Market Price
18 450 – 1000 Office 18th Floor Market Price
19 450 – 1000 Office 19th Floor Market Price
20 450 – 1000 Office 20th Floor Market Price

Call for Inquiry: +918470930121

About M3M Urbana Business Park Resale:

The building has been thoughtfully designed to
house modern amenities provided
using cutting edge technology. Column free
construction, large floor plates
and open span design simplifies leasing demands while maintaining
individual unit sizes.

Available sizes: 500 sq.ft. to 1,000 sq.ft.

M3M Urbana Business Park Resale Amenties:

  • Fully air conditioned
  • Futuristic architectural patterns
  • Parking for 1350 cars across 3 basements
  • 100% power backup, wi-fi
  • BMS, Security and Life Safety systems
  • A niche zone located in 20 acres mixed used development area
  • Conveniently located in sector 67 Gurgaon
  • Offering Modern Office Space
  • Available sizes: 500 sq.ft. to 1,000 sq.ft.
  • Minutes away from Sohna Road, as well as Golf Course Extension Road
  • Fully air conditioned
  • Futuristic architectural patterns
  • Parking for 1350 cars across 3 basements
  • 100% power backup, wi-fi
  • BMS, Security and Life Safety systems

M3M Urbana Business Park Resale Location Advantages:

  • Conveniently located in sector 67
  • A niche zone located in 20 acres mixed used development area
  • Wide range of residence options to suit every budget available in close proximity for employees of tenants
  • Minutes away from Sohna Road, as well as Golf Course Extension Road
  • Easily accessibility to the expressway
  • Situated next to residential areas, hotels, malls and entertainment zones

M3M Urbana Business Park Resale Specifications:


RCC Framed Structure with brick/concrete designed for applicable seismic zone, with masonry partitions. (Extensive use of flyash for concreting and masonry for environmental safety).

Floor to Floor Heights

Ground Floor: With extra Floor to Floor Height.

Typical Floor: As per Design.


External Cladding

Combination of one or more of plaster, paint, stone panels, aluminum composite panels and double glazed curtain wall as per design for better insulation and lesser energy consumption.

Main Lobby

Glazing as per design (Plenty of natural light).

Full height finishes with combination of one or more of paint, wood paneling, granite/marble on wall surfaces in main lobby.

Combination of one or more of marble, granite and laminated wooden flooring.

Custom lighting.

Centrally air-conditioned with CFC free refrigerant for environment safety.

Typical Lobby

Concrete floors and masonry walls.

Ground Floor Toilet Block

Floors: Natural Stone/Tiles.

Walls: Marble / Granite/Ceramic Tiles up to counter.

Fittings: Kohler / American Standard or other high quality branded bathroom fittings as per design.

Water saving sensor based system for urinals and basins EWCs with dual flushing cisterns for water conservation.

Typical Floor Toilet Block

Un-plastered masonry partitions on internal face, Concrete floors.

Fittings: Plumbing Provisions only.

Elevator Cabs

Stainless Steel finishes, lighting and ceiling as per design.

Typical Core

Plastered and painted walls and ceilings. Chrome / Stainless steel finish ironmongery, veneered / laminated flush doors.


Total Parking

Multi-Level Basement parking. Limited Surface Parking.

Access Control (Parking)

Control barrier with electronic card swipe/card reader.



Video surveillance from central station in base building.

Security Cameras

External access points.

Car park entrances, main lobby, external doors.

Access Control (Main Building)

Card reader access control system, typically located at elevator entrances or main door as per design.

Fire Safety

Fire Hydrants

Provided at ground level and at all other floors in the building as required by code.

Fire Extinguishers

Provided as required in complex as per code.

Fire Tank

In basement and at roof level as per code.

Fire Detection / Alarm

Main alarm panels, break glass contacts, smoke and heat detectors provided within all public and common areas as per design/code. Provision of connection from allottee’s/tenant’s area to main system.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency light fixtures (connected to UPS) provided on escape route and at all means of egress as per code/design.

Air Conditioning

Cooling System

Central chiller system with separate AHU’s for each floor with tap off points at each floor level. Separate AHU’s for common areas. Provision for VAV controls Additional tap-off points provision for precision AC for server room only. (CFC free refrigerant for environment safety)

Water Supply


Raw Water Tank as per designed capacity.

Treated Water Tank as per designed capacity.

Water Supply

From overhead storage tanks through gravity system as per design.

Water Treatment

Pressure sand filter, chlorinated for Potable Water as per design.


Space provision for tenant’s pantry. Water supply lines (capped off).

Plant Room

At basement level – water softening/filtration/ equipment’s plant and pumps.


Main Incomer

3 Phase incomer. Capacity as per design requirements.


In substation area as per design.

Earthing Pits

Lightning Protection & Lightning pits provided for base building. Provision for tenant connection to earthing pits.

Power Back-Up

Power Generators

100% fully automatic backup with suitable diversity and load factor provided for lighting, power and AC.


Satellite Connection

Spatial and structural provision for installing satellite dish on roof (as per req.)

Voice & Data Risers

Conduit and risers provided.

Telephone Incomer

Cabling from junction box to tag blocks at each floor.


Passenger Elevators

Otis / Kone / Schindler / Thyssen Krup or similar elevators as per design.
Elevators cabs with Automated rescue devices (ARDs).

Other Items

Bms & Controls

System monitoring the principle operations of the building. Control system fully integrated with the security, fire alarm, HVAC etc. Provision can be made for making entire BMS convergent with IP based networks (optional).

Ventilation And Exhaust

Provided for toilets, cores and basements, Separate ventilation for DG.


Roadways & Surface Parking

Asphalt and interlocking precast concrete pavers / stone payings.

Pedestrian & Roadway Lighting

External lighting on pole and bollard mounted fixtures.

Building Facade Lighting

Facade lighting with fixtures concealed within landscaped areas.


Environment Friendly Construction

Extensive use of flyash for concrete and masonary.
Roof insulation for low heat gain and energy efficience

Water Recycling

Rain water harvesting, Water recycling in Sewage Treatment Plant for use in chillers, irrigation and flushing etc.

Energy Saving

Energy efficient Chillers, CFC free refrigerant, High performance cladding (façade system) for low heat gain.

Use of energy saving lighting fixtures in common areas, Efficiency through IBMS.

LEEDs Gold Rating (Subject to Approval from LEEDS)

M3M Urbana Business Park Brochure:

  • best location on golf course extension road

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