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Brief overview of JMD Empire Resale:

LocationSector 62, Golf Course Extension Road, Gurgaon
Unit type: Office / Retail
Sizes: 220 – 684 Sq. Ft.
Status: Under Construction


Resale Inventory:

S. No Size Type Floor Resale Price List
1 307 – 559 Retail Ground Floor Market Price
2 220 – 1002 Retail 1st Floor Market Price
3 220 – 1002 Office 2nd Floor Market Price
4 220 – 1002 Office 3rd Floor Market Price
5 220 – 1002 Office 4th Floor Market Price
6 220 – 1002 Office 5th Floor Market Price
7 220 – 1002 Office 6th Floor Market Price
8 684 Office 7th Floor Market Price

Call for Inquiry: +918470930121

About JMD Empire Resale:

JMD Empire will seamlessly integrate commercial & retail segment including hospitality in an aesthetic world class ambience. JMD Empire will create a new corporate seat of power on Golf Course Extension Road,one of the most sought after properties this side of Gurgaon. The structural similarities of JMD Empire are equivalent to western international commercial landmarks& are source of satisfaction both for visitors and the investors.


  • Site Area : 2.86275 Acres.


  • Foundation : Complete R.C.C foundation
  • Super Structure : R.C.C controlled concrete framed structure


    • Colorful polished granite/marble flooring.
    • Polished granite/marble permanent cladding on external surface of showrooms.
    • Decorative permanent type textured exterior finish on tower blocks.
    • Anodised aluminium curtain wall with imported bronze grey tinted reflective tough end glass in floors.
    • Aluminium windows/glazing with clear toughened glass for showrooms.
    •  Stainless steel handrail with transparent poly carbonate sheet railing in atrium.
    • Mural, water bodies, landscape in atrium.


    • Power back-up with copper wiring distribution


    • Sopisticated fire protection system comprising hydrants, sprinklers, automatic fire detection and alarm system.


    • Passengers and service Elevators


Note: Please be aware all pricing and availability of JMD Empire Resale are subject to change at any time without notice.



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