DLF Two Horizon Center Resale

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Brief overview of DLF Two Horizon Center Resale:

LocationDLF Phase 5 Gurgaon
Unit type: Retail/Office
Sizes: 18000 – 65700 Sq. Ft.
Status: New Launch

Resale Inventory:

S. No Size Accommodation Floor Basic Sale Price
1 Shop / Restaurant / Cafe Retail Ground Floor Market Price
2 Office A: 18320 Office B:15249 & Retail Retail/ Office 1st Floor Market Price
3 Office A: 31752 Office B:28612 Office 2nd Floor Market Price
4 Office A: 31752 Office B: 28612 Office 3rd Floor Market Price
5 Office A: 34511 Office B:31222 Office 4th Floor Market price
6 Office A: 27309 Office B:26637 Office 5th Floor Market Price
7 Office A: 23776 Office B:24582 Office 6th Floor Market Price
8 Office A: 23777 Office B: 24582 Office 7th Floor Market Price
9 Office A: 20581 Office B: 21270 Office 8th Floor Market Price
10 Office A: 19521 Office B:17785 Office 9th Floor Market Price
11 Office A: 23791 Office B: 24599 Office 10th & 11th Floor Market Price
12 Office A: 24111 Office B: 21651 Office 12th & 17th Floor On Request
13 Office A: 24107 Office B: 24179 Office 14th to 20th Floor Market Price
14 Office A: 22988 Office B: 21651 Office 21th Floor Market Price
15 Office A: 22384 Office B: 24179 Office 22th to 24th Floor Market Price

Call for Inquiry: +919716030121

About DLF Two Horizon Center Resale:

DLF Two Horizon Center Resale is located on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. It is the second building in DLF Horizon Center Project. Below are the key highlights of DLF Two Horizon Center:


  • Most preferred location in DLF Phase-V Gurgaon, in front of  the DLF
  • Golf Course (In future it will have a connecting road from NH-8 signal free)
  • Proximity to some of the most premium residential complexes in NCR
  • Close to Proposed Metro Station with excellent connectivity to NH-8


  • Sprawling area of 14 Acres with 2.5 million square feet development (Including Hines – DLF JV building, Amex Building already functional).
  • Flat Slabs to enable efficient running of services above the false ceiling
  • Structural Design based on Zone V for earthquake resistance.
  • Luxurious ceiling heights of 4.2m
  • An Iconic 25 Storey Tower shall be the part of the complex, will bebuilt as a Hines / DLF joint venture.
  • Large Central Landscaped Plaza designed by James Burnett from USA asan urban hub for the complex.
  • High end Retail, Fine Dinning Restaurants & Multiplex will be thepart of the complex.
  • Independent drop- offs and atrium for every block with ample parking space.
  • Advanced Building Management system and Window Cleaning System


  • In house Energy Center to provide 100% Power Back up.
  • Platinum LEED rated energy efficient GREEN building proposed.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting through the usage of advanced technologyLamps and Fixtures.
  • Environmental Friendly Construction methods through the usage ofrecycled materials, retaining and reusing the top soil during excavation, using environmental friendly refrigerant gases for air conditioning etc.
  • Solar panels to provide economical/ environment friendly power back up.
  • Double Glazed Façade to reduce air conditioning loads


  • High Speed Spacious Elevators
  • 24hrs security surveillance with CCTV cameras, Automated BoomBarriers, Access controlled entry / exit points.
  • High level of indoor air quality for health and safety of the building occupants.
  • Highly efficient glazing.
  • State of Art Fire safety Features using technologically most advanced smoke alarm systems, sprinkler systems, fire pumps and other fire fighting equipment.
  • Sewage management through state of art centralized plant at Phase V.- already functional

Note: Please be aware all pricing and availability of DLF Two Horizon Center Resale are subject to change at any time without notice.

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